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  1. (via Harvest - The Big Picture -

    (via Harvest - The Big Picture -

  2. La Cocina de la baja: Javier Plascencia

  3. Long exposure photography by Trevor Cotton »

    Trevor Cotton Long Exposure Photography

  4. Suzie’s Farm 2012 Autumnal Equinox Dinner


  5. "The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it."

    ― Henry David Thoreau

  6. I Love the new TJ Oyster Bar

    Better atmosphere, better service, with the same quality food and low prices.

    While I was there Caifanes and The Clash were playing - that’s some good range in music.

    Pictured Above: Shrimp Tostada de Ceviche, Broth w/Seafood (7 Mares) and Grilled Fish Taco.

    Located just 1 block east of the original TJ Oyster Bar, next to Vons.
    4410 Bonita Road
    Bonita, CA 91902

  7. 82,000 Poppies Fall on London


    View more pictures of the Bomber Command events by browsing photos taken at Green Park or tagged #bombercommand

    Yesterday in London’s Green Park the Queen unveiled a new memorial to the servicemen of the RAF’s Bomber Command who served during World War II. As part of the ceremony, the Lancaster Bomber scattered 82,000 poppies from the sky in tribute to the 55,573 airmen who lost their lives.

  8. Instagram Blog: The Wave, Arizona »

    +1 Bucket List


    The Wave, hidden near the Arizona and Utah border on the slopes of the Coyote Buttes, dates as far back as the Jurassic period. This beautiful…

  9. mariolozano:

    Full-length teaser trailer for “Django Unchained,” the new film by Quentin Tarantino, in theaters Christmas 2012.

  10. npr:

(via What America Spends On Groceries : Planet Money)

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics
Credit: Lam Thuy Vo / NPR


    (via What America Spends On Groceries : Planet Money)

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